PRAYER: Sunday Evening Meditation by Sarah Kirby Trimmer

Sunday Evening Meditation by Sarah Kirby Trimmer

O Lord, I ask not for riches, I know too well the deceitfulness of them; I ask not for pleasures such as this world can give, for they have no charms which endure.  Let me but view your glorious and beautiful works, and live by your commandments, enjoying your Heavenly favor, and let the triflers of the world share all its trifles among them.  O Lord, I cannot but desire to possess your peace and, thanks to your goodness, often is this most inestimable blessing granted me.

I resolve to keep God in my thoughts and Heaven in my view, to trust in the lord with all my might, and not to lean to my own understanding; to acknowledge him in all my ways, humbly trusting that he will by his grace and goodness direct my paths.  These, most gracious God, are the sincere resolutions of a heart truly desirous to do you holy will and to obey your commandments.  Hear me, O God, when I cry unto you for the help of your Holy Spirit.


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