PRAYER: Ultán’s Hymn To Brigit

Ultán's Hymn

From Celtic Spirituality / Author unknown

Brigit, woman ever excellent, golden, radiant flame,
Lead us to the eternal kingdom, the brilliant, dazzling sun.

May Brigit guide us past crowds of devils,
May she break before us the attack of every plague.

May she destroy within us the taxes of our flesh,
The branch with blossoms, the mother of Jesus.

The true virgin, easy to love, with great honor,
I shall be forever safe with my saint of Leinster.

One of the columns of the land with Patrick preeminent,
The adornment above, the royal queen.

May our bodies when we are old be in sackcloth,
From her grace may Brigit rain on us.

We pray to Brigit by the praise of Christ
That we may be worthy of the heavenly kingdom.



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