PRAYER: Fallen Angel’s Prayer 

Fallen Angel's Prayer

Author unknown

Lord, may I go back to being an instrument of your peace.
Where there is loathing in me, fill me with devotion.
Where there is accusation in me, fill me with forgiveness.
Where there is discord in me, fill me with harmony.
Where there is doubt in me, fill me with faith.
Where there is error in me, fill me with truth.
Where there is despair in me, fill me with hope.
Where there is sadness in me, fill me with joy.
Where there is darkness in me, fill me with light.
Lord, help me to console the wounds I have caused.
Help me to understand the consequences of my pride and ignorance.
Teach me to sow love where I have planted hate.
And in this way make me worthy to return to the bosom of your Holy Spirit.



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