HYMN: Loving Shepherd Of Thy Sheep by Jane Elizabeth Leeson

Loving Shepherd Of Thy Sheep by Jane Elizabeth Leeson

1 Loving Shepherd of Thy sheep,
Keep Thy lamb, in safety keep;
Nothing can Thy power withstand;
None can pluck me from Thy hand.

2 Loving Savior, Thou didst give
Thine own life that we might live;
And the hands outstretched to bless
Bear the cruel nails’ impress.

3 We would praise Thee every day,
Gladly all Thy will obey,
Like Thy blessed ones above
Happy in Thy precious love.

4 Loving Shepherd, ever near,
Teach Thy lambs Thy voice to hear;
Suffer not our steps to stray
From the strait and narrow way.

5 Where Thou leadest we would go,
Walking in Thy steps below,
Till before our Father’s throne
We shall know as we are known.


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