POETRY: Hell by Thomas Ken

Hell by Thomas Ken

When, go ye, cursed, God proclaims,
And sinners plunge in endless flames,
Think, O my soul, what mighty pain,
The damned sustain.

Self-rage for breach of gracious laws,
The worm of conscience which still gnaws,
Confusion, terror, trembling, shame,
And fierce self-blame.

Heaven lost, the choice of torments sure,
Souls tempered tortures to endure,
Gnashing of teeth, outrageous fire,
And darkness dire.

How long have I ‘gainst God rebelled?
How many gracious calls repelled?
More hardships ran to work my bane
Than Heaven would gain.

My pestilence I oft diffused,
Great God’s long suffering I abused,
And damned to these eternal woes,
Have what I chose.

All praise to God who spares me time,
To search and mourn for every crime;
Souls armed with penitential tear,
Hell never fear.

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