MYSTICISM: First Vision—On The Oright Of Life (1) by Hildegard of Bingen

MYSTICISM: First Vision—On The Oright Of Life (1) by Hildegard of Bingen

From: Hildegard of Bingen’s Book of Divine Works, With Letters and Songs

And I saw within the mystery of God, in the midst of the southern breezes, a wondrously beautiful image.  It had a human form, and its countenance was of such beauty and radiance that I could have more easily gazed at the sun than at that face.  A broad golden ring circled its head.  In this ring above the head there appeared a second countenance, like that of an elderly man, its chin and beard resting on the crown of the first head.  On both sides of the figure a wing grew out of the shoulders.  The wings rose above the above-mentioned ring and were joined there.  At the topmost part of the right wing’s curve appeared an eagle’s head.  Its eyes were like fire, and in them the brilliance of angels streamed forth as in a mirror.  On the topmost part of the left wing’s curve was a human head, which shone like the gleaming of the stars.  Both faces were turned toward the East.  From the shoulders of the figure a wing extended to its knees.  The figure was wrapped in a garment that shone like the sun.  Its hands carried a lamb, which shone like a brilliant day.  The figure’s feet trod upon a monster of dreadful appearance, poisonous and black, and a serpent which had fastened its teeth onto the monster’s right ear.  Its body was wound obliquely across the monster’s head; its tail extended on the left side as far as the feet.

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