Gary Soto

POETRY: Pomegranate As My Heart, by Gary Soto

August 19, 2016

I don’t have much to offer But this pomegranate, A fruit ancient as the Nile, A fruit that bleeds like a heart. I can only think of how beautiful you are. If I could crack open this pomegranate And share it with you, Would that be a nice gift? We could nibble these jewels, Smile red smiles. I wait at the curb, tossing the pomegranate From one hand to the other. Come out, please.  I’m waiting. How many times will I juggle This ancient fruit before it drops? If I do—and it splits open To reveal its jewels— I’ll give you the largest [...]

POETRY: Hanging On Hope, or not — Poems on Hope

March 5, 2014

Let No Charitable Hope Elinor Wylie Now let no charitable hope Confuse my mind with images Of eagle and of antelope: I am in nature none of these. I was, being human, born alone; I am, being woman, hard beset; I live by squeezing from a stone The little nourishment I get. In masks outrageous and austere The years go by in single file; But none has merited my fear, And none has quite escaped my smile. Hope Gary Soto Maybe a dog I loved best will limp Up the street and fall at my feet, Not really hurt, just tired. “Smoky,” I cry, and in crying send the sparrows In the tree a limb higher. “I missed you, I really missed you. Where did you go?” I peel back his eyelids and view An adventure—oh, how he dodged cars And [...]