Laurence Housman

POETRY: Advent (Five Poems)

December 19, 2012

A Prayer for the Healing of the Wounds of Christ Laurence Housman (For Advent) Is not the work done? Nay, for still the scars Are open; still Earth’s pain stands deified, With arms spread wide: And still, like falling stars, Its blood-drops strike the doorposts, where abide The watchers with the bride, To wait the final coming of their kin, And hear the sound of kingdoms gathering in. While Earth wears wounds, still must Christ’s wounds remain, Whom love made life, and of whom life made pain, And of whom pain made death. No breath, Without Him, sorrow draws; no feet Wax weary, and no hands hard labor bear, But He doth wear The travail and the heat: Also, for all things perishing, He saith, “My grief, My pain, My death.” O kindred [...]