Maximilian Kolbe

MARTYRDOM: The Volunteer At Auschwitz by Chuck Colson

May 16, 2013

Maximilian Kolbe was forty-five years old in the early autumn of 1939 when the Nazis invaded his homeland.  He was a Polish friar in Niepokalanow, a village near Warsaw.  There, 762 priests and lay brothers lived in the largest friary in the world.  Father Kolbe presided over Niepokalanow with a combination of industry, joy, love, and humor that made him beloved by the plainspoken brethren there. In his simple room, he sat each morning at a pigeonhole desk, a large globe before him, praying over the world.  He did so, tortured by the fact that a pale man with arresting blue eyes and a terrifying power of manipulation had whipped the people of Germany into a frenzy.  Whole nations had already fallen to the evil Adolf Hitler and his [...]

PRAYER: A Novena To Saint Maximilian Kolbe For The Grace To Be Freed From Addiction

August 14, 2012

(I collect prayers, and I’m especially fond of novenas.  I find them to be a very practical means of organizing thoughts and hopes.  A year or so ago, I was putting together a litany for parents with wayward children. It was dedicated to a woman who was going through a very bad time with her daughter, a young woman whose life was being slowly ruined because of her addiction to drugs.  I was shocked, and somewhat horrified, when I could not find a prayer concerning addiction, any kind of addiction.  It was as though the church turned its face away from such degradation.  Perhaps there is just too much shame in the idea of addiction to want to actually pray for someone in such trouble. If that’s the case, then that is the [...]