Piers Plowman

POETRY: The Fall Of Lucifer from Piers Plowman

August 16, 2016

Lucifer with his legions · learned it in Heaven, But because he obeyed not · his bliss he did lose, And fell from that fellowship · in a fiend’s likeness Into a deep dark hell · to dwell there for ever; And more thousands with him · than man could number Leapt out with Lucifer · in loathly form: For they believed in him · that lied in this manner— Ponam pedem in alquilone, et similis ero altissimo. And all that hoped it might be so · no Heaven might hold them; They fell out in fiend’s likeness · nine days together, Till God of his goodness · steadied and stayed Made the heavens to be shut · and stand so in quiet. When these wicked went out · wonderwise they fell; Some in air, some in earth · and some in deep [...]