POETRY: Pine Needles Pray by Jim Roberts

January 24, 2012

Pine needles pray, nestling down. Their scent rises. The Forest breathes and exhales prayer. Its wind moves into fissures. Granite takes it in and firmly issues a prayer to a mushroom lifted by its bold touch and sends it down to the juicy soil-cracked seeds whose prayer makes the Forest tingle down into the roots of the Great Oak embracing them all and touching the Great River of Light only those who pray can enter. Join in praying now. Take it in. Ingest the prayers of the land. Unutterable language enters our nose invisible waves open our pores. The senses begin to pray. All that we learned hushed by the longing of the Forest. The prayer of the primal lover rises no longer only [...]

POETRY: The Paradoxes Of Love by Hadewijch of Antwerp

January 16, 2012

What is sweetest in Love is her tempestuousness; Her deepest abyss is her most beautiful favor; To lose one’s way in her is to touch her close at hand; To die of hunger for her is to feed and taste; Her despair is assurance; Her sorest wounding is all curing; To waste away for her sake is to be in repose; Her hiding is finding at all hours; To languish for her sake is to be in good health; Her concealment reveals what can be known of her; Her retentions are her gifts; Wordlessness is her most beautiful utterance; Imprisonment by her is total release; Her sorest blow is her sweetest consolation; Her ruthless robbery is great profit; Her withdrawal is approach; Her deepest silence is her sublime song; Her deepest wrath is her dearest [...]

ANGELS: Hand In Hand With Angels, a poem

January 13, 2012

(Author unknown) Hand in hand with angels, Through the world we go; Brighter eyes are on us Than we blind ones know. Sweeter voices cheer us Than we deaf will own; Never, walking heavenward, Can we walk alone. Hand in hand with angels, In the busy street, By the winter hearth-fires, Everywhere, we meet, Though unfledged and songless, Birds of paradise; Heaven looks at us daily Out of angel eyes. Hand in hand with angels, Walking every day; How the chain may lengthen, None of us can say. But we know its reaches From Earth’s lowliest one, To the shining seraph Throned beyond the [...]