POETRY: Death & Transfiguration by Paul Mariani

April 7, 2017

Down the precipitous switchbacks at eighty the pokerfaced Palestinian cabby aims his Mercedes while the three of us, ersatz pilgrims, blank-eyed, lurch, and the droll Franciscan goes on about the Art Deco Church of the Transfiguration crowning the summit of the Mount. Up there I’d touched the damp stones of the old Crusader fount, paced the thick walls, imagined Muslims circling below on horseback, muleback, then ascending for the final blow. A decent pasta and a dry wine, thanks to the Fratelli who run the hostel at the site, followed by an even drier lecture in the sun- drenched court, then back down to the glinting taxis, ready to return us now to the same old, feverish, unsteady world half a mile below.  I thought of the old [...]

PRAYER: Novena To The Seven Archangels

July 15, 2013

(Author unknown) Novena to Archangel Gabriel Saint Gabriel, Holy Archangel, you, who are known as the bearer of God’s secrets meant especially for his chosen ones, we, God’s children, are constantly keeping watch on God’s message. Through your powerful intercession, may I receive God’s words and messages so that, together with Mary, my blessed mother, I may give glory and praise to him. May I also radiate God’s love to others by my exemplary deeds. O, Saint Gabriel, obtain for me the grace of an answered prayer and present to God the Father the following requests, specifically, (STATE REQUEST).   Present to God the Father all these petitions through Jesus Christ, our Lord, together with the Holy Spirit [...]

SERMON: On Divine Providence And The Guardian Angels by Gerard Manley Hopkins

December 23, 2012

Notes — God knows infinite things, all things, and heeds them all in particular. We cannot “do two things at once,” that is cannot give our full heed and attention to two things at once. God heeds all things at once. He takes more interest in a merchant’s business than the merchant, in a vessel’s steering than the pilot, in a lover’s sweetheart than the lover, in a sick man’s pain than the sufferer, in our salvation than we ourselves. The hairs of our heads are numbered before him. He heeds all things and cares about all things, but not alike; he does not care for nor love nor provide for all alike, not for little things so much as great, brutes as men, the bad as the good, the reprobate who will not come to him as the elect [...]