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This is the final post for Value of Sparrows. Thank you for all your warmth, support, and enthusiasm. With all my love, [...]


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  • finding god within
    It is very tempting to write that our age is one where streams of people seek to isolate themselves from others in terms of God, and in doing so, create a self-made spirituality.  But it doesn’t take much of a look at Christian history to see that our religion has been strongly shaped by people who have done just this. We have the men and women who sought out the desert in order to eschew participation in corporate worship and acts of charity in the towns. We have famous mystics, people [...]


Thomas Merton poetry

  • The Communion, by Thomas Merton
    O sweet escape! O smiling flight! O what bright secret breaks our jails of flesh? For we are fled, among the shining vineyards, And ride in praises in the hills of wheat, To find our hero, in His tents of light! O sweet escape! O smiling flight! O sweet escape! O smiling flight! The vineyards break our fetters with their laughter! Our souls walk home as quiet as skies. The snares that death, our subtle hunter, set, Are all undone by beams of [...]

Evelyn Underhill

    From The School of Charity These great objective truths are not very fashionable among modern Christians; yet how greatly we need them, if we are to escape pettiness, individualism, and emotional bias.  For that mysterious inner life which glows at the heart of Christianity, which we recognize with delight whenever we meet it, and which is the source of Christian power in the world, is fed through two channels.  Along one channel a certain limited knowledge of God and the things of God [...]


  • gift of understanding
    From New Seeds of Contemplation Contemplation, by which we know and love God as he is in himself, apprehending him in deep and vital experience which is beyond the reach of any natural understanding, is the reason for our creation by God.  And although it is absolutely above our nature, Saint Thomas teaches that it is our proper element because it is the fulfillment of deep capacities in us that God has willed should never be fulfilled in any other way.  All those who reach the end for [...]