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This is the final post for Value of Sparrows. Thank you for all your warmth, support, and enthusiasm. With all my love, [...]


  • novena to the seven archangels
    (Author unknown) Novena to Archangel Gabriel Saint Gabriel, Holy Archangel, you, who are known as the bearer of God’s secrets meant especially for his chosen ones, we, God’s children, are constantly keeping watch on God’s message. [...]

My writing

  • GOD 101: Curse On, Curse Off
    Yes, it’s a reference to The Karate Kid.  I like the image of doing one thing with one hand, and doing another with the other. It’s just that I am absolutely fascinated these days with the bare beginnings of the Bible. You have a forest of sorts.  A magical forest.  Who knows, perhaps there were even unicorns.  You have a few specifically named trees.  The tree of life.  That has no distinct limitations attached to it. Then you have the tree of the knowledge.  Of good and [...]


Thomas Merton poetry

  • Litany by Thomas Merton
    All holy souls pray for us fellows, all Carmelites pray all Third Orders, all sodalities, all altar societies, all action groups, all inaction groups, all beat up shut in groups, all without money groups, pray for the rich Trappists cheese groups vice versa mutual help, amen, [...]

Evelyn Underhill

    From The Fruits of the Spirit “Though I give my body to be burned,” said Saint Paul, “and have not love, I am nothing.”  I do not as a supernatural being exist.  And now he gives us another and much more surprising test of spiritual vitality.  Though you feel an unconquerable love, joy, and peace, though you are gentle, long-suffering, good in all your personal relationships, though you are utterly faithful in your service of God – in the end the only proof that [...]


  • An Unsteady Happiness by Julia Marks
    My prayer life changed a few months ago.  I can’t remember why, exactly, I did this, but I began to follow an Ignatian online retreat that has meditations and whatnots that change on a weekly basis.  A 34-week retreat.  Something to sink my spiritual teeth into. I found that I liked snippets of the prayers offered, and decided to use them for the basis of my rosary prayers.  So, instead of praying everyday the same prayer as I worked completely through it, I changed my rosary prayer [...]