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This is the final post for Value of Sparrows. Thank you for all your warmth, support, and enthusiasm. With all my love, [...]


My writing

  • The Language Of Silence by Julia Marks
    There are times – many, I’ll admit – when I find it almost impossible to explain something about God.  The worst is the phenomenon of how God interacts with us.  God is an interactive essence, yes, but God is, still, always God. So once I came up with a challenge: take your worst beef about God, or about the way God does things, walk out into your backyard and pluck a leaf from a tree.  Doesn’t have to be the nearest tree.  Just a tree with a leaf that appeals to you. [...]


Thomas Merton poetry

  • The Night Of Destiny by Thomas Merton
    In my ending is my meaning Says the season. No clock: Only the heart’s blood Only the word. O lamp Weak friend In the knowing night! O tongue of flame Under the heart Speak softly: For love is black Says the season. The red and sable letters On a solemn page Fill the small circle of seeing. Long dark— And the weak life Of oil. Who holds the homeless light secure In the deep heart’s room? Midnight! Kissed with flame! See! See! My love is [...]

Evelyn Underhill

  • Fruit of Retreat by Evelyn Underhill
    A whole and complete self-offering to God for his unseen purpose, willing to accept suffering, darkness, struggle, temptation at his good pleasure. A promise that wherever I go I will say Peace and try to bring peace. That I will give my own spiritual life without reserve into the keeping of God and strive to make my interior attitude one of weak adoration before God. That I will seek to rejoice in the progress of others, especially those who overpass me, rejecting all movements of envy and [...]


  • Jesus, A Companion On The Curb by Julia Marks
    I find myself in the crotch — all right, fine, prong — of one of these ironies of God.  All my life, I used to call situations like these, God jokes.  But somehow, and for some reason, as I’ve aged I’ve mellowed, and find that the word, irony, is a more mature way of referring to this type of situation wherein I think I’m headed in one direction, but really, I’m still smack in the middle of the opposite way I thought I was headed and sinking fast. If you can do a [...]