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This is the final post for Value of Sparrows. Thank you for all your warmth, support, and enthusiasm. With all my love, [...]


My writing

  • A Change Of Words by Julia Marks
    When the visions came, right before the beginning of Lent, I was neither surprised nor upset by them. There would be a change in the way my day was laid out.  No longer would there be periods of prayer throughout the day.  No time would be given to morning prayer, blended with the first period of contemplative prayer.  Or for the playful time that I called noon prayer: listening to scripture, reading thoughtful bits by a wide range of writers, listening to music.  No rosary. No compline. [...]


Thomas Merton poetry

  • There Has To Be A Jail For Ladies by Thomas Merton
    There has to be a jail where ladies go When they are poor, without nice things, and with their hair down. When their beauty is taken from them, when their hearts are broken There is a jail where they must go. There has to be a jail for ladies, says the Government, When they are ugly because they are wrong. It is good for them to stay there a long time Until the wrong is forgotten. When no one wants to kiss them any more, Or only wants to kiss [...]

Evelyn Underhill

  • EVELYN UNDERHILL THROUGH LENT: Worship And Revelation by Evelyn Underhill
    From Worship Genuine Christian worship, whatever its special emphasis may be, always requires as its foundation belief in the one Holy and Eternal God, the Being of Beings, the “Maker, Lover, and Keeper” of all life; utterly transcendent to His creation, and yet fully present with and in it, besetting, sustaining, molding – above all loving – all that is made.  Its object is a reality “higher than our highest yet more inward than our most inward part,” uniting [...]